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Rick McKeon is a musician and music teacher in Phoenix, AZ.  His website has banjo lesssons and many useful tabs of gospel, blues and other great tunes.  The website link is: rick

Comments on: "Rick McKeon – Banjo Tabs and Lessons" (6)

  1. Have your beginning bluegrass banjo DVD, The sound works, but there is no video. Hard to learn, when I can’t see what you’re teaching.!!
    Please reply asap.

    • Rick,

      Asa teacher myself, I cant tell you how refreshing it is to have someone who
      makes everything so clear and understandable.

      Would love to have tab for Danny Boy if you have it. Scruggs style

  2. Bob Cahill said:

    Hi Rick,

    I am 75 years old and have just started playing the Banjo about a year ago. I really love it but very slow picking things up. I love you version of “Cripple Creek” and have it down pretty good except the timing which you emphasize.

    Eventually I would like to get good enough to play back up with other people but don’t know where to start? Should I start to learn basic chords and there patterns? I do take private lessons but so far I am just learning basic Banjo songs like Ground Speed & Dave’s Song.

    If you offer a Video on some Basic Banjo songs, I would be interested. You break Cripple Creek down so clearly that I have been able to pick that tune up easily.

    Anyway, take care. I really love your teaching method.


    Bob Cahill

  3. richad pringle said:

    i love watching and listining to you.iam trying to lern to play the banjo. i have an old windser. and a merlin.

  4. Pauline Murfin UK said:

    Hi Rick, I have been in touch with you once before when i first got my banjo, I have since learned from your video lesson’s Cripple Creek, You are my Sunshine and Will The circle be unbroken, (and if i say so myself i’m quite chuffed at the results.) But there is one tune i would love to learn for which i have the basic notes however it appears to need some filler notes. I’m sure you know it very well, I’ts Wildwood Flower, as i say a book will tell you the basic notes however it sounds as though it needs ‘something’ I have no idea where to start to simply ‘make fillers up’. I would be really grateful if you could do that tune in one of your lessons.

    Thank you so much for all the help which i have gained form your video and Utube lessons.

  5. bart plouvier said:

    Can I buy a tab of Danny Boy by Toni Trischka?

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